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Welcome to Homosassa and Homosassa Springs, Florida

Sometimes referred to as "Old Homosassa" because of its long and colorful history, Homosassa is located at the southern end of Citrus County.

Homosassa is steeped in history, from the ancient Native Americans to the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto to the more recent Yulee family that owned the Yulee Sugarmill, which supplied molasses, syrup and sugar to the southern troops during the Civil War. Remains of the old Sugar Mill still exist today.

Many famous people have either visited Homosassa or called it home including Babe Ruth & "Dazzy" Vance, Winslow Homer and President Grover Cleavland.

Homosassa has Wildlife

Homosassa is now famous for fishing and tourism. Many commercial fishing companies operate here and the fishing is world-class.

One of the most well known attractions is the Homosassa State Wildlife Park with many native Florida animals on display in a safari-like zoo area including the world-famous fish bowl.

You descend down stairs underwater into literally a giant fish bowl, only the water is on the outside. The result is a spectacular “Jewels Vern” underwater view of the abundant fish.

But it is really the Florida Manatee, the gentle giants of the waterways that visitors come to see.

Within the Wildlife Park the manatees permanently inhabit the warm, spring-fed estuaries of the Homosassa River.

The surrounding area is much as it has appeared for hundreds of years.

And it has Nightlife

In addition to the park there are also many unique and colorful waterfront pubs, restaurants and resort style accommodations.

Some of the best seafood and always fresh can be had just around the bend at one of the many sea-side eateries.

There are plenty of places to tie up your boat for happy hour or you can store it at one of the many marinas.
If you like water related activities there are boat rentals, manatee tours, diving and snorkeling, canoe and kayak rentals and plenty of sunny days on the water.

Homosassa even has Monkeys

Monkey Island with its miniature lighthouse and tiki huts is permanent home to several monkeys cared for by local business owners.

They are great fun to watch as you motor by in your boat or sip a tropical drink dockside.

Waterfont Property Everywhere

Homosassa has got miles of some of the most beautiful waterfont property in Florida.You can get property on the Gulf of Mexico or the Homosassa River there are even island homes.

There is a mix of real estate here offering something for everyone from historic colonial style homes to modern state-of-the-art waterfont estates.

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